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Hassle Free Service

We have learned through our experience that you must expect professional service where we do what is promised. This is our philosophy at Aqua Clear Spas making us a top Central Oregon Spa Service.

Your Hot Tub will always be clean because we check and balance chemicals as agreed upon and we use only the highest quality chemicals. We clean the filters regularly as needed. We also inspect the plumbing and equipment and to ensure your spa is working properly. Our services help prolong the life of your spa and provide peace of mind that the water is safe and clean.



Premium Water Care Service

  • -Chemical check, adjustments
  • -Vacuum spa as needed
  • -Inspect filters and clean as needed
  • -Replace filter as needed
  • (cost of filters not included)

Valet Service

  • -Drain Spa
  • -Clean interior of Spa
  • -Degrease and rinse filters
  • -Clean and treat spa covers
  • -Refill Spa and Balance Chemistry
  • -Back flush Lines

Repair Service

Unfortunately Spas tend to break down from time to time. Our quality spa repair service will be able to perform the needed repairs to maintain your spa in proper working order.